Akita Inu puppies – photos from one to 12 month

The breed became known throughout the world after the legendary Hachiko. Today, touching Akita Inu get divorced in many countries, including Russia. But this little teddy bear is not a toy. From a very young age, his master takes care of full pet development.

Monthly Development

Pictured puppy and adult representative of the “traditional” Japanese Akita Inu is distinguished by a red color with a white breast, muzzle and the inner surface of the paws. American standards allow the birth of puppies of all possible colors, including fully snow-white and doggie with a black “mask” on the face.


Toddlers can be short or long hair. But the last the standard option is considered marriage – the dog will not be allowed to exhibition career. The ears are still down: so that they stand upright, the muscles at the base of the organs still need to be strengthened. This process accelerates enhanced dog chewing of solid food.

The eyes and ears of the newborn Akita Inu are still closed, and the tail straight. As he grows up he will curl up into a ringlet. Paws already at birth, large, with closed pads, “membranes”: this Japanese breed is born swimmers.

The mass of a puppy at birth is 35 0-500 g. The parameter depends on gender, the number of litter, heredity.

Photos and videos of newborn Akita Inu puppies:

1 month

The most active development of all dogs – in the first month of life.

Day of life Development features
1-10 Puppies do not hear, do not see, but learn to respond to environment – touch, temperature, food, presence mothers. Development is very fast: on the second day it’s well-fed “lumps”, and by the end of the first week the weight of puppies increases twice.
eleven -20 Kids begin to hear, their eyes open, they form first teeth. Puppies already strive to meet the world – crawl out of boxes, learn to walk.
21-30 Little Akita Inu are slowly becoming independent of their mother. For their full development, soft feeding is already needed.

By the end of the first month, the owner transfers the babies to special food for puppies. The feeding rate chooses by weight, height dogs. The one-month-old Akita Inu weighs 3-4 kg already.

Photos and videos of a puppy Akita Inu 1 month:

2 month

The puppy is completely independent of the mother dog. Active, friendly – not afraid of people, plays with them, gets used to other animals in the house, Learns to interact with them. Already need a strict schedule Feeding: the dog is given only 15 minutes to eat – after that the bowl is removed.

Puppies have slightly raised ears, the weight doubles – to 5-10 kg. The height of the baby at the withers is 35-40 cm.

Photos and videos of a puppy Akita Inu 2 months:

3 months

Beginning of the formation of the character of the animal: Akita is necessary educate, train. Three month old baby already understands simple team (“can not”, “to me”), responds to his name. Animal grows by 2-3 cm, its mass reaches 10-14 kg.

Photos and videos of a puppy Akita Inu 3 months:

4 months

Akita Inu’s ears rise completely. Physical development still active: in height, the average puppy reaches 45-50 cm, weighs 18-22 kg.

5 months

The five-month-old Akita Inu is already a teenager. He is actively the skeleton, muscle tissue is formed, strengthened. Important to give time for active walks: this is running, training on the site, swimming, ball games, dice, other animals. Feeding schedule adhered to as strictly. Dog needs rest after eating to avoid digestive problems. It grows to 50-55 cm in withers, weighs 23-25 kg.

Photo and video Akita Inu 5 months:

6 months

Akita Inu loses funny puppy roundness – in proportion body, external characteristics resembles an adult dog. Average the growth of a grown puppy is 55-60 cm, weight – 25-28 kg.

Photos and videos of Akita Inu for 6 months:

7-9 months

The physical formation of the animal is inhibited: by the ninth month of life, the dog grows to 60-65 cm (at the withers). In weight adds 7-10 kg (up to 37 kg).

During this period, the formation of habits, character animal. It’s very difficult to re-educate an older Akita Inu, to get used to something radically new.

10-12 months

Physical development becomes slower: dog height reaches a peak of 65-70 cm, weight stops at 37-40 kg At this time, there is a noticeable change in the proportions of the head, body Akita Inu. It is time for puberty: females begin first estrus. However, mating is delayed until full maturity animal.

The development of Akita Inu lasts up to 3 years. The animal is gaining weight but already due to enlargement: muscles grow, increases rib cage.

Photos and videos of Akita Inu 1 year:

The average parameters of puppies up to 1 year old are in the table.

Age (months) Height (cm) at the withers Weight, kg)
1 30-35 3.5-4.5
2 35-40 8-10
3 38-43 12-15
4 45-50 16-22
5 50-55 22-25
6 55-57 26-28
7 57-60 29-32
8 60-63 32-35
9 63-65 34-37
10 65-67 37-38
11 67-69 38-39
12 68-70 39-40

Up to six months Akita – little “cubs.” From 6 months they gradually acquire the features of an adult animal.

Care Rules

Akita Inu puppies do not require as much attention as It seems at first glance:

  • Thick undercoat allows you to keep the dog not only in apartment, but also in a booth on a personal plot.
  • Akita Inu – active dogs. They need at least two 2 hour walks per day. Therefore, they are turned on by people with sufficient amount of free time: with a dog you need to run, play, engage in training. If Akita “didn’t walk up”, it affects on his behavior: rushing around the apartment, spoiling furniture and even shows aggression towards people. With an active life, the dog calm and disciplined at home.
  • Luxurious wool does not need special care – enough comb it every 1-2 weeks, remove the tangles. With seasonal molting procedure is carried out daily. Bathe Akita with a special shampoo, not more than once every 4-6 months.
  • The dog is prone to fullness, so regulate its feeding should the owner. Akita Inu loves a varied diet: adults animals are recommended to give meat porridge, boiled vegetables, occasionally – cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, sour cream, fish.

Mandatory preventive examinations of a veterinarian. In 2-3 months Akita is given the first double vaccination, then the annual comprehensive vaccination.

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