8 easy ways to keep your barking dogs

Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with their owners, but sometimes barking can get out of hand. Constant barking can spoil the nerves of the family and create a mess in the neighborhood. But keep meaning that your dog is trying to tell you something to bark. Before how she calmed down, first you need to find out what she wants say. What is behind barking? Here are some causes:

  • To protect your territory. Dogs guard its territory from people, other dogs and animals. This territory includes your property, but it may also include yourself other places where the dog spent a lot of time.
  • Because they feel the danger. Have a dog there could be a reaction to an alarming situation.
  • To communicate. Sometimes dogs bark to get people’s attention.
  • Of disappointments. Barking may be the result disappointment with the situation, for example, being in a closed space or being unable to find the owner or buddy.
  • Because they can’t wait. A concern dogs may be caused by separation from the owner.
  • From pain. With a bark, they can sign that they are sick or have an injury.
  • To say hello. Friendly barking can be when the dog greets people or other dogs.

Tips for your dog to stop barking. Dog owners are encouraged to use some simple tricks to stop an uncontrolled barking or find time to train a dog. Use these tips:

  • An offer of distractions. Dogs will be less tend to bark if they get a lot of toys to play. If your dog barks due to external noise: plays a TV or radio, while you’re away – it’s best to drown out these sounds. This will help to help. calm the separation.
  • Keep your dog active. Take the dog for regular walks or play “bring the stick.” Worn out the dog will be less keen to respond to negative environmental factors Wednesday.
  • The work of your dog’s brain. Obedience training, either in class or at home, can improve ability your dog to discern threats. It can also lay the foundation for other anti-barking solutions that require more intense learning.
  • Reduce your pet’s sensitivity. If barking is caused by an external stimulus, you can try to reduce the sensitivity of your dog. For example, ask friends to go past your home while you work with your dog inside, encouraging your pet to be quiet.
  • Teach the command “quietly.”
  • Change of scenery. Barking dogs obsessively or from boredom can stop if you make some changes. If she is currently in the yard and barking there, let a dog indoors, such as a house. If the dog barks, because that she is imprisoned in the house – try to send her to freedom.
  • Teach her how to meet and greet. A dog that barks when it greets can be trained, to meet people and other dogs more gently. Do not forget keep greetings at your front door very restrained and calm. Walking to distract your dog while walking other people or dogs, offer delicious treats.
  • Do not reward barking. Unintentionally not encourage barking. Do not reward barking without giving the dog a treat after how he barked. Only when the dog was calm.

Learning can be a lengthy process, but in the end you will improve your relationship with your dog and have more opportunities to make sure that your needs are satisfied.

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