York haircut (photo): beauty secrets of little ones fashionistas

A beautiful and well-groomed couple of Yorks

Yorkshire Terriers, as well as beaver yorks caught on not by workers qualities, and charm. These good-natured funkers will melt any heart.

The well-groomed coat of the Yorkshire Terrier is its main trump card. With timely grooming, the dog turns into an object universal admiration.


  • 1 Where to cut
  • 2 First haircut puppy York
  • 3 Hygienic haircut
  • 4 Model haircut by York
  • 5 type of wool
  • 6 Varieties of model haircuts for boys and girls

Where to cut

There are four options for organizing grooming for your doggie:

  • At the zoo
  • Invite a wizard to your home
  • Go to the master at home
  • Master your home york haircuts yourself

Haircuts York in the cabin - the safest, but also the most expensive way

York haircut in the cabin – the safest, but also expensive way

Let’s consider in more detail each of the listed events.

The common thing between haircuts made by the master is in the salon, he has or in your home, is that the person working with your York often has experience and is a certified specialist.

Choosing a haircut in the salon, the owner pays not only for the very service. This includes enhanced comfort, safety and warranty.

In pet shops there is usually a comfortable waiting room. All Tools undergo mandatory disinfection.

And if the master ruins the exterior of the dog with illiterate work, there is something to complain about.

Wool will not grow back, but money will be returned, will bring apologies and not always, of course, but some may provide bonuses in order to make amends for the negligent as much as possible employee.

Of course, grooming in the cabin is not a service cheap. There are more budget options, including an invitation master and haircut york at home.

This can be a good security and proper condition of their tools.

Do-it-yourself haircutting York is not a complicated matter, but it requires a lot of exposure

Do-it-yourself haircutting York is not difficult, but it requires long exposure

As for visiting the master in his home, here may to be uncomfortable one moment – you have to wait for the haircut to finish not the most comfortable conditions, sitting in the hallway on a stool.

And bring and leave the dog for a few hours with a stranger a man, going about his business, for many, somehow scary.

The most economical option is to organize grooming your doggie yourself.

In general, the haircut of York, the video confirms this, is not something supernatural.

If the owner is determined to master this business, he will have one put money on a number of necessary tools:

  • Scissors in different sizes. This includes scissors 1) with long straight and curved blade – for the design of the sides, legs and tail; 2) small scissors with rounded ends for cutting near ears, fingers and eyes.
  • Special grooming machine included with which there are different nozzles. They should not be plastic, as it increases the working time and worsens its quality.

Wet your Yorkie's wool before starting a haircut.

Haircut is done on wet hair.

  • Trimmer for cutting the muzzle and anal area.
  • Massage brush, furminator and combs of various format. Plastic won’t work here either, it electrifies hair.
  • Anti-slip mat. Suitable for those bought for the bathroom or in the trunk of a car, choose rubberized options.
  • Guillotine claw cutter.
  • Koltunorez.

Before grooming, the owner must wear a cotton T-shirt or bathrobe, as synthetic fabrics electrify wool.

You can do hairstyles for little York already from 6-7 months

You can make hairstyles for little York from 6-7 months

First haircut puppy York

The full-fledged care of the baby York includes the following:

  • Five-day crumbs are clipped.
  • Three weeks are treated not only claws, but also ears.
  • For a month and a half, the hair in the inguinal zone is trimmed.
  • Four months old baby needs to do hygienic haircut.
  • From 6-7 months, young York can qualify for model haircuts.

Do not be afraid of horror stories about what to cut terrier up to a year, it will ruin his coat.

In specialized forums, Yorkers unanimously object that, on the contrary, organize timely grooming little doggie is possible and necessary.

This will save you from such a common problem as tricks, easily formed in puppy soft and fluffy hair.

During the haircut in the salon, the owner should be in another room so that the dog does not get distracted or twitch at it.

During the haircut in the salon, the owner must be in another the room so that the dog does not get distracted or twitch

If you do not cut the dog yourself, try not to complicate the work of the master.

The York kid will be curious that they are doing this to him. He needs get used to a new person.

The presence of the owner will only hinder, slow down this process.

If the owner of the doggie does not speak to him in time, the terrier may jerk off to a voice.

And the tools of the grummer are sharp, he may not have time at this moment react and injure the dog.

Hygienic haircut

There are three options for haircuts Yorkshire terriers:

  • Hygienic
  • Standard
  • Model


Hygienic or standard York haircut implies by itself: trimming hair on the ears, paws, beard and bangs. Such grooming York organized once in a couple of weeks, focusing on the growth rate of his coat

Hygienic haircut, some are considered standard, others they carry it into a separate category.

As mentioned above, a hygienic haircut is recommended do puppies from four months of age.

This includes cutting hair in the anal and inguinal region, cut the upper third of the ears, paws and claws.

How to clean the dog’s ears at home, will tell articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/kak-chistit-ushi-sobake/

A standard haircut is first carried out as well as hygienic.

After this, the animal must be bought, dried and trimmed. on the ears, legs, beard and bangs, that is, to make a border.

Such grooming is organized once in a couple of weeks, focusing on the growth rate of his coat.

If the owner grows wool for the dog to participate in the exhibition, she is just shown the standard york haircut.

Photos show that such grooming is minimal changes the exterior of the doggie.

The most popular hairstyle in York - a ponytail with a bow on his head

The most popular hairstyle in York – a ponytail with a bow on the head

Model haircut york

Type of wool

There are a great many model haircuts of York. It seems how many masters, so many grooming options.

However, when choosing beauty for your doggie is to be guided by the type of his coat: will the “chosen” lie on it a haircut?

Standard, shiny and smooth coat is able to accept any desired shape. The owners of such a “head of hair” are shown any options haircuts.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should consider the density and length of your pet’s coat

When choosing a hairstyle, it is worth considering the thickness and length of your coat pet

Fluffy wool, which quickly falls into tangles and “willingly” electrified, not a disadvantage.

Yes, you can’t do any hairstyle with her, but she’ll be great base for forming rounded shapes and help turn your a dog in a stuffed toy.

Fluffy York shows Korean and short haircuts, as well as under the puppy.

It will be difficult to maintain a good look if left long wool on the body or skirt.

Tough wool is easy to care for. It will look good on it haircuts of medium length.

But if you cut the doggie too short, it will look bald, and long hair will cut at the ends and look more likely sloppy than beautiful.

If you’re interested in looking at weird dog haircuts, recommend articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/bezumnye-strizhki-sobak/

York girls often, in addition to ponytails with a bow, make a haircut-skirt

York girls often, in addition to ponytails with a bow, do haircut skirt

Varieties of model haircuts for boys and girls

If you classify the types of model haircuts, they can group in two large sections:

  • Classic
  • Creative

The first option is by no means a matter of dullness.

You can come up with a lot of nuances that really translate into quite standard framework.

For example, you can short cut the body, leaving neat panties and front legs “under the poodle.”

We make out the head in the form of a circle without a bang, and if we cut the girl, then leave the bow.

This is a classic York haircut. Photo of boys posted on the Internet, very often demonstrate such grooming.

Hairstyles of York boys look more classic, but over the hairstyles of girls masters fantasize plenty

York boys haircuts look more classic, but above girls hairstyles masters fantasize ad libitum

And now about the nuances. Based on a standard haircut, you can leave not only a bow, but also a skirt – an option for a girl.

Further – more: we leave both a skirt and a tail, carefully it by aligning. For boys, we leave only the tail.

On the edge of the classic and standard version is girly haircut “French braid”.

The body is shortened here, you can leave the skirt, it’s fundamentally important not to touch the strip of wool that runs through the entire the back.

It can be trimmed or braided into a French pigtail.

Tired, but combed and trimmed York

Tired, but combed and trimmed York

As for creative grooming, here is a big variety, especially for the haircut of Yorkies girls. Photo of these cuties are simply mesmerizing.

Hairstyle can imitate other breeds, for example Chinese crested, and Korean style will turn your baby in cartoon animeshka.

Boys are sometimes cut under a schnauzer. In general, and the boys, and different “arts” are suitable for girls, with the only difference being that in ladies the coat is left longer.

Detailed information on the Schnauzer can be found here: https://kot-pes.com/rizenshnautser-opisanie-porodyi/

Pay the master to turn your pet into fashionable handsome, or do the image of York yourself – and he and another option is good subject to a competent approach.

If you want to cut your doggie yourself, use numerous videos and forums on the Internet.

Believe me, this is not difficult. How nice to feel like a creator beauty!

York haircut: beauty secrets of little mods

York haircut is not only a hygienic need, but also tribute to fashion. There is a wide variety of fashionable hairstyles and styling for these dogs.

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