Wolves are more peaceful than dogs.

According to scientists from the University of Vienna, after a quarrel with dogs it’s hard to find reconciliation with each other as opposed to their predatory forest counterparts.

As the researchers of the Messerlinsokgo Institute (city Vienna), for wolves the ability to conclude an armistice after an argument is one of the key stages of their evolution. Thanks to this they can get along in a pack and not reduce the size of your population by killing each other in a fit of rage.

But their smaller evolutionary brothers – dogs – such they do not possess peace. According to scientists, dogs in the process Developments have lost this instinct since dogs do not have to live in a pack, and therefore a common language can not be sought.

After a series of experiments, the theory was confirmed. Dogs after fights between themselves diverged, as they say, in different angles and tried more not to fall into each other’s eyes and not contacted.

After hassles, wolves also at first scatter to lick their wounds. But after about 10-15 minutes, predators begin to approach the former opponents and are quietly close without the desire to cling to throat. The researchers found that any skirmishes between wolves in the pack settle quickly enough and mostly without casualties.

But at the same time, scientists determined during the experiments that dogs, although they do not reconcile after quarrels, but they quarrel very rarely. But in wolf packs, fights and conflicts are an everyday thing.

According to researchers, it’s more important for dogs to maintain good relationship with the person to whom the dog is more attached.

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