Wild Scottish Cats Conservation Program gave the first fruits

Scientists working to conserve Scottish wild cats by program supervised by Aigas Field Center has long been trying to get kittens in captivity. And they finally succeeded!

Two kittens of a rare Scottish wild cat were introduced in Aigas Field Center, located in the hills of Scotland. Maybe they seem sweet to you, but now they are showing their ferocious temper. Both kittens are females and are the first cat litter named Glinis.


One of the kittens born in the center

The fact of the birth of these kittens is a huge achievement for the center: in less than 400 representatives of the species remain in the wild, and their considered “functionally extinct.” One of the biggest The dangers for the species is crossbreeding with domestic cats. Also they are threatened by disease and loss of habitat. But the program under titled Scottish Wildcat Action, created by the center with the support of Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, gives hope for species survival.

Scottish wild kittens are playing

Wild kittens born under Scottish Wildcat Action actively exploring the world

At the moment, the kittens are only three weeks old. They examine their enclosure and learn to meow and rumble. Center Rangers they say that kittens already climb trees and rocks well and lead yourself quite aggressively.

The representative of the center comments on the success of the program: “In our there are several conservation programs in the center, but Scottish Wildcat Action is the most important to date. we encouraged and very pleased that the hard work done by our people the work was rewarded with two new representatives of the species. Glinis before the birth of kittens was a calm cat, and with their appearance became violently protect both the cubs and the entrance to the aviary. Recently our kittens become old enough to eat meat and even start hunt. Glynis became much calmer and watches as kittens play and learn. They constantly compete who climbs higher and runs faster. ”

Kitten is watching

Kittens are already learning to hunt and have a rather ferocious disposition.

Now the caretakers care about raising kittens in the aviary center, but in the future it is planned to release them into the wild. Scottish cats are one of the key species for british fauna islands, as they control the number of small rodents.

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