Wild boars stroll through the center Barcelona

Wild mammals are increasingly coming to the city in search of food. Boars descend from the nearby hills directly to the Eixample district.

Local residents noted that wild boars became bolder and stopped to be afraid of people. More recently, these animals were forest a tourist attraction, and today they have become regular guests cities.

Last week, the Catalans faced “face to face” with a whole family of boars near the main tourist area Barcelona. Later, wild animals were seen near the Merce market in the county Nou Barris.

Barcelona authorities have already taken measures to control the free moving boars. So that they do not go to the city, on closed garbage containers were placed on the streets. Administration asked not to leave food for stray animals in the free access to food does not serve as a bait for pigs.

But the measures taken have led to the opposite effect – now boars carry out an invasion of the center of the capital.

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