Why dog ​​walking can be dangerous of life

Research by scientists from the All-Russian Research institutes have shown that frequent walks with dogs can become the cause of infection with helminthiasis. This is reported by the portal Science Direct

Toxocariasis, or helminthiasis, is a disease provoked by parasitic worms. Researchers concluded that helminths are dangerous not only for the animal, but also for humans.

On a walk, the dog makes contact with the earth’s surface, which may be infected by worm larvae. Most likely get infected during the games of dogs with each other in large areas. Parasites can be carried from the soil on the feet or soles of shoes person.

Having penetrated the human body, the larvae parasitize in vital organs, including the stomach, liver, eyesight. By According to statistics, about 14% of preschool children suffer from helminthiasis ages who have a lot of contact with homeless and homeless animals.

Specialists recommend limiting dog walking if possible. on soft soil.

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