Why does a cat smell badly?

Attentive owners will quickly notice if a cat has appeared bad breath. It’s important to know why arises, what is dangerous, in which cases is an appeal to to the vet.

The presence of a characteristic smell from the mouth of the animal is normal phenomenon. It should be alarmed if it has become fetid, harsh, accompanied by active salivation.


  • 1 Main causes of bad smell
  • 2 What to do to owners
  • 3 When you need a visit to the veterinarian with a bad breath

The main causes of bad smell

Cat with an open mouth

The causes of bad smell (halitosis) are conditionally divided depending on age of the pet.

In a young cat (under 2 years old), it will probably be:

  • untimely change of teeth;
  • the appearance of sores, wounds in the mouth;
  • foreign objects stuck in the gums, mucous membrane.

A cat from 2 to 8 years old:

  • dental diseases (caries, tartar and plaque);
  • swelling in the mouth, mucosal injury;
  • poor-quality food;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • infection.

In an elderly cat (from 8 years old):

  • all reasons related to the second age category;
  • diabetes;
  • malignant tumors;
  • chronic diseases, for example, urolithiasis.

Ginger cat

About the reasons in more detail:

  • When kittens change teeth, a situation is possible when the tooth is not cut or cut, and the milk tooth has not yet fallen out. Then the gum becomes inflamed.
  • For all dental diseases, non-hygiene begins inflammatory process, which is accompanied by the smell of rot. Also occurs if a foreign object enters the mouth that injures the gums. Cats often have plaque on their teeth and, accordingly, the smell. Most often this happens because the animal is constantly fed too soft food.
  • A cat may develop rhinotracheitis or calcivirosis. Wherein ulcers appear on the oral mucosa, intensified begins Drooling, stench from the mouth. May be enhanced temperature.
  • With kidney pathologies, the animal from the mouth will smell of ammonia. With a stomach ulcer, a putrid odor, with gastritis – sour. At diabetes breath will smell like acetone.
  • In cats, there is sometimes a violation of the salivary glands. If there is little saliva, food irritates and injures the gums, cheeks, and tongue. If a lot of saliva, lips and gums are irritated, the hair is constantly getting wet around and the development of microorganisms begins.
  • The pet may be infected with intestinal parasites. Wherein there is a smell of rotten eggs, rotten meat.
  • Unpleasant smell give low-quality cheap feed. Also the animal can dig in the trash and scoop up waste.

What to do to owners


The cause of the odor must be eliminated. To do this, contact your veterinarian who will make the diagnosis. At home, recognize a possible serious illness and cure it for a person, not having appropriate education and skills, not will work out.

The owner can process detected sores in the cat’s mouth. disinfectants, for example, miramistin. But show an animal needs a vet anyway, as ulcers can be a sign of a viral infection and then simple sanitation will be not enough.

If there is plaque, you can clean it with pastes and powders for animals or wet soda. Removing Dense Tartar should deal with a specialist. If some kind of stuck in the gum item, you can try to remove it yourself. When it is necessary to consult a doctor in order not to cause a pet excess pain.

Cheap feeds need to be replaced with balanced ones. high quality. Instead of eating too soft, give more solid. It is advisable to purchase special toys that the cat will chew and nibble. They will serve as the prevention of diseases. the oral cavity.

When you need a visit to the veterinarian with a bad breath

Visit of the cat to the veterinarian

To make the visit to the veterinarian more enjoyable for your pet, you can take his favorite toys with you

You should contact immediately if you have acetone or putrid odor. It’s about life animal. A veterinarian consultation is required if present vomiting, profuse salivation, lethargy.

Attentive owners will quickly notice a sharp change in the smell of the mouth. The main thing is not to delay the visit to the veterinary clinic, to prevent the progression of the disease.

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