Why bears are increasingly attacking people: scientists opinion

In the 21st century, attacks of large predators on humans became more frequent. Scientists have analyzed cases of aggression of brown bears.

As part of a study that ended only in 2019, The attacks carried out by the bears from 2000 to 2015 were studied. FROM every year their total number increased. Most bear attacks according to scientists, it happened in Russia and Romania. However for sure estimate the number of attacks in eastern countries such as Turkey and Iran, impossible – there could have been more of them than it is known.


In more than half the cases, the bear attack was the result of defensive attack of a female with cubs

Researchers believe that the number of dangerous encounters with wild animals increased due to an increase in cohabitation areas. For example, everything more people have country houses, as a result rises likelihood of contact with a bear.

According to statistics, bears are often scared away by large companies – their beast does not usually attack. Therefore, it’s worth behaving noisily in the forest – talk, sing, turn on the radio, imitating presence several people. This will allow the animal to hear a person from afar and hide in time.

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