Why a Vietnamese pig imagines itself a dog

Six year old Vietnamese pig named Chayder – star Instagram This charming bbw is seriously sure that she dog, and behaves accordingly.

Little pretty pig Brazilian Shelby Madere noticed on a livestock farm – and could not pass by. how she herself tells, did not want this miracle to become someone’s lunch. The woman bought the baby and brought her to her home.

It was a spontaneous act, and Shelby was worried how they would accept newbie her pets: several dogs always lived in the family different breeds – each of them the mistress also saved from death. But the meeting was wonderful, the piglet became a member without any problems dog pack.

Several years passed, the pig has grown and considers himself dog – like everyone else. She communicates on equal terms with her friends, knows and willingly executes commands, walks in a collar and on leash. That’s just Chayder still can not.

Pig with dogs

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