Whiskas for kittens – good food? Reviews, review composition

Touching fluffy lump – a little kitten looks like this defenseless that every owner tries to immediately replace the crumbs mom, taking him into custody. The appearance in the baby’s house is responsible a step involving a host of important troubles. It is necessary to equip him protect your corner from the dangers of the world and provide healthy growth and development.

So that after a few months the baby will turn into strong, full of strength individual, it is necessary from the first days to attend to it nutrition. Decide what the animal will eat, need balanced and rational. For this it is important to understand: what are features of a growing organism, which “menu” suits it.


  • 1 Which food is best for a kitten
  • 2 Is Whiskas useful for kittens?
  • 3 What do Whiskas do?
  • 4 How to train a kitten to feed?
  • 5 Whiskas for kittens: owner reviews
  • 6 Can a kitten taste different tastes?
  • 7 How much to give a kitten feed

What food is best for a kitten

Whiskas for kittens

There are three options for organizing a feline “table”: home food, industrial prepared food and mixed type, when both options used at the same time. Veterinarians are quite strict in their choice: give preference to better industrial diets – and here why.

Human food is absolutely inappropriate (and most often harms) even an adult pet. Weak growing up the body is not at all able to get the necessary vitamins from it and macrocells. In addition, homemade food can interfere with normal the growth and development of all body systems, so as to maintain balance all components are difficult even to the most attentive owner.

Mixed type of nutrition carries the same a threat. Taking a balanced diet as the basis of the diet, and mixing in a bowl other food, you break the harmony of the connection ingredients.

Ready-made diet – the perfect choice for pets any age 1. It contains everything you need for the formation of immunity, growth and strengthening of the whole organism. Feed different for babies from the “adult”:

  • has increased energy value;
  • contains more calcium and phosphorus – in order so that the teeth and bones are strong;
  • rich in taurine and vitamin A – for spiciness vision;
  • includes omega-6 fatty acids and zinc – so that the coat and skin are healthy.

Whiskas diets fully meet all of these criteria. There are a lot of rumors and myths around him, but we can manage them. debunk and tell why you should pay attention to him!

Is Whiskas useful for kittens?

Whiskas for kittens

Complete feed (dry or wet) is the source of all necessary components for the pet. It contains

  • easily digestible protein;
  • cereals;
  • fatty acid;
  • vitamin and mineral complex.

He creates a kind of “shield” for the little cat, which lost the main source of protection – breast milk. Now he – one on one with the outside world and all its dangers, which capable of delivering a crushing blow to a weak body.

Let’s take a closer look: what does the food from Whiskas consist of, and why it is worth transferring the baby to this particular feed.

What are Whiskas made of?

At the heart of a nutritious diet for babies are exclusively quality ingredients: meat and offal, fish, vegetables and cereals, valuable trace elements. Each component plays a role in matters pet development2:

  1. meat – the main “building material” of the growing an organism that is constantly growing and changing;
  2. offal (liver, heart, kidneys) contain trace elements responsible for persistent immunity, regulation metabolism, development of the nervous system and blood circulation;
  3. fish, due to the high content of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, provides reproductive system;
  4. fiber-rich cereals and vegetables regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  5. vitamins and minerals shiny coat, healthy oral health musculoskeletal system.

How to train a kitten to feed?

kitten eats whiskas

When the choice has already been made, one question remains: how to change eating habits of a kitten who is used to mother’s milk? Let this the task does not thrill you: the first case that has turned up enjoy a juicy fragrant paste from Wiskas will instill a baby love for a new diet3!

It’s really better to start the conversion to ready-made feeds with soft textures. Just dip your finger in the paste – and bring it to to a curious nose, he will take up the “prey”! Then pour product in the baby’s bowl – he will find a new treat by smell and not will leave a trace from him.

With dry granules a little harder. Of course, the format Whiskas’ “crunch” is ideal for small jaws: the pads are easy to chew without causing difficulties for the baby and negative memories. But he’s already used to drinking or lapping pate. That is why the first and very small portion of the new it is recommended to add the diet to the paste, gradually replacing soft product – pads.

Whiskas for kittens: owner reviews

We know that you are ready to take care of your tiny friend. AND sure that our diets will help him grow strong, healthy and playful. But you probably would like to know reviews about product from those owners who have long moved their pussies for dry and wet Whiskas feed? We have collected for you some reviews to make it easier for you to make your own choice4!

“My cat eats this food with great pleasure! I do not observe reactions, he is completely healthy, playful and active ”


“Cats are hunters, offal is very important for them! Yes and In general, the feed is rich in all the necessary elements in order to cat grew healthy ”


“At 5 months I transferred my food to it. For a month noticed improvements: the chair is normalized, the coat began to shine, Malyavka does not ask for an additive – eats up! As a result, the second the generation grows on these wonderful shellfish and jellies :)


Can a kitten taste different tastes?

When it comes to the Whiskas range of feeds – not only possible, but even needed. Animals also have their own tastes – why not find out with childhood, what does your favorite?

Perhaps he will be delighted with the most tender stew with the lamb? Or stop on the classic – mouth-watering chicken stew? Or show love for seafood – and choose salmon? And in which delight he comes from jelly with turkey or diet rabbit! Or maybe, chicken paste will become his favorite in lineup.

We are sure of one thing: crispy pads with milk, carrots and turkey become his favorite option dry diet!

To give dry or wet food? Veterinarians recommend not choose, and combine! A share of each type of diet is desirable pick up under the supervision of a specialist, however if you know that your baby rarely drinks water – it’s better to focus on soft pieces in jelly, the moisture content in them reaches 80%!

How much to give a kitten feed

Diet is a separate topic for discussion. After all, it plays here role literally every month5! And if before 2 months old an infant can eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, then by 4 months switch to 4 meals a day, and by six months already two times a day.

The optimal serving for one feeding will help you determine yourself pet. Most often, after eating tightly, the kids themselves move away from bowls, signaling that the meal is over. He becomes inactive, does not meow, does not bite / sucks your finger, located in close proximity to his nose. His tummy It rounds, but does not become too dense.

But there are among the fluffy balls and insatiable glutton! They are better do not feed slightly, so as not to lead to regular and very unhealthy overeating. See the baby start choking food and grab the biggest pieces – remove the bowl.

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