While the hostess was watching TV, a parrot defeated the kitchen: video

After what her pet has done, the woman tries, while busy imprisoning him. The Internet got a video like a parrot gambling the kitchen to the sound of the TV on.

The hero of the plot is the goglazy cockatoo – that’s the name of this interesting kind of parrots – lives in one of the Australian cities. The hosts the bird gave him freedom of movement around the house, but the parrot the will didn’t go away: one day he sneaked into the kitchen, pulled out a drawer and began furiously scattering forks and spoons from it.

Parrot with a spoon

Where did the bird have such hatred for cutlery, no one knows. And the handsome parrot himself will not say, because non-speaking.

Video: less than a minute it took a cockatoo to defeat the master the kitchen

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