Which flea shampoo for dogs is better: recommendations of veterinarians

Fleas are dangerous not only because they cause itching with their bites. Combing itchy places leads to irritation, rash and dermatitis. The most common way to deal with parasites is a special flea shampoo for dogs.


  • 1 What should be part of
  • 2 Top Manufacturers
  • 3 How to wash puppies

What should be included

dog in the bath in the foam

To bathe a dog with flea shampoo, you need to dip it in a container of warm water with an already diluted product, rather than soaping during washing

Before purchasing, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the product. There are shampoos that are designed for hygienic processing animals, even though the label says “From fleas “. The composition of a quality flea shampoo for dogs should enter:

  • insecticides;
  • pyrethroids;
  • phenotrin;
  • etofenprox;
  • permethrin.

These substances are created artificially based on natural analogues. They cause paralysis in fleas for a period of 10 hours (depending on concentration) and then the death of adult parasites and their larvae.

Despite its popularity, parasite cleansers for dogs have a short-lived effect.

Top manufacturers

Fitoelita shampoo for dogs

Flea shampoos are inexpensive and available to every owner dogs

When choosing a flea shampoo for dogs, you should pay attention to manufacturer. By purchasing funds of unknown origin, you risk your pet’s health. The choice of shampoo depends on degree of infection, age and breed of the dog. The most common and effective are:

  • Phytoelitis. Designed for adult animals. It does not have an allergic or toxicological effect. Not recommended for washing sick dogs or pregnant bitches.
  • Bim. Looks like the previous shampoo. Effectively eliminates parasites.
  • Dana Available in two versions – for adult dogs and puppies. It has a prolonged action, that is, in within a few days after application, the animal will not become infected again. It also has a healing effect on small wounds, eliminates dandruff and unpleasant smell of “dog”.
  • Lugovoi. Designed for washing only. healthy adult animals. It is not recommended to wash puppies, patients pets and pregnant bitches. Sold in three types: universal, for long-haired and short-haired breeds.

How to wash puppies


Severe poisoning of a puppy with flea shampoo components can lead to his death

Small puppies must not be washed with the same means as adults animals. They can be poisoned if the shampoo contains too much. high concentration of active substances. For washing babies suitable products such as Dr. ZOO, Beaphar, Phytoelitis and Meadow (on a bottle there should be a mark “For puppies”).

When choosing a shampoo for a pet, remember that you do not care only about his appearance, but also his health. And if the listed flea remedies did not help, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

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