What will happen to the cat Larry: the new British prime minister breaks traditions

Barely taking office as British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson puzzled his fellow citizens with an unexpected statement. He wished get a dog in a residence on downing street that none of his predecessors simply could not come to a head.

Johnson, he says, loves dogs and wants a dog companion accompanied him at work, including at parliamentary meetings. The extravagance of the decision is given by what is in the government the residence already has one pet – a large tabby cat Larry, favorite of all England.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson decided to change the centuries-old traditions

Larry is a local living attraction, one of the famous mouse-cat cats officially registered in the British public service already nearly a hundred years. That is, Larry himself took over as chief government mousetrap eight years ago but tradition exists much longer.

British subjects concerned about the fate of the future official cat: how does he get along with the dog, will there be any problems? Moreover, Larry is no longer too young, at the honored cat difficult character and there are health problems.

Cat Larry on the doorstep of the residence

Cat Larry is tormented by vague suspicions

With his characteristic optimism, Boris Johnson says that Pets get along well, and even promises to give out about this an order obliging the cat and dog to live peacefully. About the breed premier dog and the timing of its settlement in the residence so far nothing not known.

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