What to do if the dog vomits with yellow foam

Pets, including dogs, are sometimes sick. AT In some cases, this process is natural: it happens, for example, morning hungry vomiting, or the dog tries to burp when hit into the stomach of a foreign body. But, unfortunately, there are cases when a similar symptom indicates the onset of a serious illness. Therefore, each owner should know what to do if the dog vomits yellow foam, especially if it happens repeatedly.


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Foam on the floor

If the dog vomits no more than once a month, problems are most likely no

First you need to understand why the vomit of the animal such a color. Gastric juice and mucus are produced in the dog’s stomach which protects the walls of the organ. Residues of these enzymes, mixing, sometimes go out in the form of a yellowish foam. It should not cause particular anxiety in small quantities.

But sometimes, such vomiting indicates disease. Causes are as follows:

  • The likely culprits of the negative process may be worms. Their accumulation leads to severe intoxication of the body and concomitant nausea.
  • The dog contracted hepatitis, a viral lesion of the liver. Vomiting accompanied by diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  • Gastritis, a stomach or intestinal ulcer. Often there is vomiting on an empty stomach. With ulcerative formations, an eructation is felt with an unpleasant smell.
  • A tick bite is also accompanied by such vomiting. Is developing pyroplasmosis is a dangerous disease.
  • Leptospirosis is a lesion of the circulatory system. In these cases, in blood clots are present in vomiting.
  • Vomiting with yellow foam may be due to inflammation of the gall the bubble.
  • In unvaccinated puppies, the plague and parvovirus begin enteritis.

Vomiting is especially dangerous for the elderly, debilitated and sick dogs.

What to do

Sick Dog

If the dog is sluggish, refuses food and water, contact the doctor needs as soon as possible

The owner needs to firmly grasp: vomiting is not a disease, but only symptom. Therefore, you just don’t need to try to stop it, yes this in many cases fails.

Actions should be as follows:

  • If after a single, even profuse vomiting, the dog is still active and does not refuse food, you do not need to worry much. Just take care of fresh, gentle feed, preferably in kind.
  • In the case when the puppy not only does not eat, but also does not drink, you need literally run to the clinic – possibly a serious viral disease.
  • If vomiting continues repeatedly, you can give the dog Smectu, but nothing more.
  • It is impossible to feed and water a dog in this state.

If the cause is not in a foreign body in the stomach, in the dog clinic may prescribe antiemetics – metoclopramide or Maropitanta citrate.

Video: What to do if the dog vomits

When to go to the doctor

Dog on the floor

In severe cases, to prevent dehydration are used droppers with glucose and electrolytes

Veterinarians recommend contacting a specialist even after single vomiting if the cause is not clear. And with repeated The process of leading the animal to the clinic is often vital.

If a specialist cannot determine the cause of the painful the condition of the dog according to the clinical picture and the owner’s stories, then appoints laboratory and instrumental examination.

Before a visit to the doctor, do not give the pet antispasmodic or antiemetic drugs – this makes it difficult diagnostics. Often, such funds are individually just do not help, and intravenous administration of the complex is necessary medicines.

Of course, to raise a panic after each regurgitation, especially in puppies, not worth it – this is a natural process. But similar vomiting may be a symptom of a dangerous illness, so do not delay with see a doctor if the condition of the dog raises questions.

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