What the dog dreams about: Secrets and meanings dreaming

Why is the dog dreaming?

To understand why a dog is dreaming, you need to remember all the details, dreamed animal and the situation that occurred in dreaming.

A dog is an animal that can replace a person a true friend, which means a dream in which it was dreamed it means something worthwhile.


  • 1 What a dog looked like
  • 2 Shade of a dog that came in a dream
  • 3 What happened in a dream
  • 4 If you dreamed a dead dog
  • 5 Get in touch with the animal
  • 6 What Wang and Miller say about a dreaming dog
  • 7 Different dream books

What did the dog look like

A lot depends on how the animal looked. To dream a big dog like alabai bullmastiff or kangal is harbinger of good news.

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If you do not have a good friend, then you will soon get them. If the dog dreams of an unmarried woman, then soon she will meet their fate, which will become a real pillar and hope.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Big dog carries positive news

But even if a small animal, such as rabbit dachshund, pomeranian or yorkshire terrier is positive phenomenon. In the near future a person should expect some kind of surprise or an unexpected thing.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Dreaming little dog – auspicious dream

If you dream of a big dog with live puppies, then in your personal life man will always be harmony and tranquility.

For an elderly woman, a dream hints that life is not yet finished and there are many occasions for joy. Childless couple after such a dream will be able to enjoy posterity.

Playing with puppies at a subconscious level reveals hidden dreams of having children.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Dreaming puppies are also a good dream

The hue of a dog that came in a dream

White dog for example Komondor, Kuwashi Swiss Shepherd Dog, talks about a new and a pleasant acquaintance that can develop into a real friendship. But it is worth noting that such a person is very difficult to find, which means after meeting with him a friend needs to be valued and cherished.

Why is the dog dreaming?

White dog is preparing for a new acquaintance

Red dog (Hungarian squeezed, Bordeaux mastiff), who appeared in a dream to a woman, can talk about different things, for example, lie in wait for her about the surrounding danger. To be beware of people you have ever offended since they may be vindictive.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Red dog – warning sign

Black dog (groenendael, hovawart and doberman) is a symbol sadness that awaits a person. It is worth noting that upset you will most likely be a loved one. Surely, after this betrayal, a person will plunge into prolonged depression, master which will not be very simple.

Why is the dog dreaming?

The black dog is the harbinger of sadness

A dead big dog is a sign that in the near future trust your intuition; it can deceive you. After This dream of a person is waiting for a difficult period in life.

Advice! It doesn’t matter what color it was animal, but if you dream of a whole bunch, then this is a warning that you are in danger. You must stop trusting your partners and loved ones, it is they who can cheat and reassure you.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Many dogs in a dream speak of danger

What happened in a dream

The person who dreams of a live dog will surely wonder right away question: why dogs dream. The interpretation of sleep depends on the actions which happened in it.

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Believing the Egyptian dream book, it can be noted that a bite means that magical powers are directed against you.

If you were bitten by a black dog, then this dream is unfavorable, You can expect meanness from the closest person. You can be betrayed soulmate, children or close friends.

An angry dog ​​means that soon in real life they are waiting for you Conflicts and quarrels with colleagues. Perhaps behind your back is not There were no discussions and criticisms.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Angry dog ​​- sign of condemnation

If a woman dreamed of a peaceful sleeping animal, then it says only about what a shameful person she is.

If dreamed of a dead dog

If you dreamed about how a dog was killed before your eyes, then a dream portends in real life involuntary participation in affairs, directed against your loved one.

If a dead animal says goodbye to its life through your fault, then you have to be attentive to your affairs, words and actions, because involuntarily you can offend a person.

When you dream that a dying animal comes to life, then in real life will have to solve other people’s problems and disputes. If the dead is dreaming own dog, then in real life his master lies in wait danger.

In this case, you need to responsibly approach the observance of technology safety, both at work and at home.

The killed animal speaks of the uncertainty of the person to whom she had a dream. Dream Interpretation calls for becoming more confident and taking yourself in hands.

If you dream of a dying red-haired dog, then this night phenomenon means the sadness and loneliness of the person to whom he had a dream.

A dead black dog talks about troubles that may arise through the fault of your friend.

The white dead animal is most often dreamed by women, and reminds about their rejection of a romantic relationship.

Why is the dog dreaming?

A sick or dead dog speaks of uncertainty

If a dying dog dreams about a woman, then the phenomenon warns her about an early quarrel with a loved one. But it’s worth preparing for the fact that the breakup will not pass peacefully, the partners will be long sort things out.

Also, a dead animal indicates a violation of plans for love front. If a man sees a dying dog in a dream, then the phenomenon talks about imminent betrayal.

Important! People with their own business the slain animal dreams like a bad sign. Need to be wary relate to the proposals of their partners and ponder each sentence.

Get in touch with the animal

The dream in which the animal comes into contact with you may be very significant and important to humans. If a dog bites you, then in quarrels and setbacks are expected in real life. Will be especially strong conflicts if the attacking animal has bitten a hand.

When you pet or caress a big dog, in real life you need to prepare for a new romance, without deception and betrayal. Need to only enjoy good and mutual relationships.

The dream in which a living black dog has appeared in your house speaks of that it’s time to wait for good and faithful friends from talking with with which you will receive only pleasant emotions.

If in a dream you hear barking, but the animal is not angry with you, it’s worth prepare for the fact that in real life you will become a witness someone’s quarrel.

If you do not want to be guilty of this conflict, do not to intervene in a quarrel that does not concern you will only make it worse. The same thing means a human bite.

What Wang and Miller say about a dreaming dog

Different dream books interpret this dream in different ways. By Miller’s view, a good big dog dreams of luck and talks about that your environment is made up of real friends.

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And if an evil dog is dreaming, then this is a bad sign that speaks of that there will be setbacks in a person’s life.

He believes that if you dreamed that you were the owner of a thoroughbred beautiful animal, you will soon get rich. If the dog bites, then can not do without conflicts and quarrels with loved ones people.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Beautiful thoroughbred animal dreams of money

Vanga believes that a black and white dog that appeared in a dream to a woman says that she has good and faithful friends on whom you can rely on at any time.

This phenomenon may indicate that in the near future it is possible meeting with old but faithful friends.

Why is the dog dreaming?

Black and white dog as a reminder of loyal friends

The attacking black dog that appeared in a dream, according to Vanga, is not bodes well, on the contrary, a dream is full of unpleasant emotions, a person may be disappointed in his friend.

In addition, you need to beware of your neighbor, as he can not only betray in difficult times, but also reveal everything secrets.

If a homeless black dog has appeared to you, it means that that your friend has a difficult financial situation, and he does not apply to you for help only because he doesn’t want to load you with his problems.

A dream is a sign in which a friend asks for help and support from you.

Different dream books

Freud treats a dream with a friendly little doggie as a sign, heralding new acquaintances. If the attacker is angry dog, then in real life you can’t avoid quarrels with friends.

If you were bitten, the discord between you and the friend will be serious and most likely your friendship will end after this quarreling.

When dreaming of a big pack, from which the dreamer fights off, in life is recommended to relax, and only then proceed to important affairs.

Nostradamus treats such a night phenomenon as a certain warning. A homeless animal that appeared in a dream speaks of that you need to be more careful about your finances and savings, as they can be lost very simply.

The pack of dogs speaks of the hustle and bustle that is present in life person. An animal bite warns of caution.

According to Longo’s dream book, a kind little dog licking you hand, speaks about the career growth that you can get with the help of his friend.

The sleeping animal suggests that it is time to postpone the search for work and devote more time to children who need care parents.

What the dog dreams about: Secrets and meanings of dreams

All dream books come down to a consensus that a white dog – for luck, a black animal – unfortunately, and a red dog talks about speedy intimacy.

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