What can be called alabai: the best ideas

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are powerful and muscular dogs with smart look and strong-willed temper. Before you start this in the house pet, you need to seriously think about what you can call alabay. Dog handlers do not recommend coming up with difficult names with difficult pronunciation: the dog is much easier to get used to the short and sonorous nickname.


  • 1 Best Names for Alabaev Boys
  • 2 What can you call a girl
  • 3 Video: The most popular nicknames for dogs of large breeds

Best names for alabaev boys

Alabai puppies

You can choose a nickname according to your character, behavior or appearance

Alabai boy is a real protector and bodyguard, therefore abandon affectionate and cute nicknames. If you contact to the cynological organization, you will be told the letter to which the nickname should begin. Usually it depends on the names puppy’s parents.

Alabay – the “popular” name. The breed is officially registered like a Central Asian shepherd.

On “A”:

  • Azat;
  • Archon;
  • Agres
  • Achilles
  • Archie;
  • Ares
  • Arnie.

On “B”:

  • Bike
  • Balam
  • Butler;
  • Best.

On “B”:

  • Wooddy
  • Veles;
  • Volt;
  • Vin.

On the “G”:

  • Greek;
  • Grest
  • Hector;
  • Hans;
  • Green

If you need a nickname starting with “D”, you can choose between Diesel and Dean. It’s hard to find a comfortable and sonorous nickname on Zh for a dog, but there is one good option – Jacques. Same situation with nicknamed “I” – Alabai is suitable, for example, Irbis. Among the names on “K” stand out Kars, Kurt and Chris. Alabai-boy can be called Leo or Lord, Marty or Mars.

On the “H”:

  • North;
  • Nortis;
  • Nurzhan;
  • Nick.

On “O” the nicknames Ozzy and Onyx begin, on “P” – Park.

On the “P”:

  • Rider;
  • Ronnie
  • Beagle;
  • Rich
  • Roar;
  • They grew up.

On the “C”:

  • Stiff;
  • Stifler;
  • Stick

On the “T”:

  • Teddy;
  • Timon
  • Teach;
  • Tyson

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog can be “christened” by Walt, Fred, Flame or Phoenix. The names Hard, Hunter, Sherlock, Yuji, Justin.

What can you call a girl

Alabai puppy

For girls, the names of goddesses, warriors, empresses are suitable, names of natural phenomena and predatory animals

Alabai girls are beautiful and graceful, but at the same time quite formidable. Too graceful nicknames for the representatives of this breeds will be inappropriate.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are highly intelligent, calm, phlegmatic, but at the same time pride and independence. The nickname should reflect the features character.

On “A”:

  • Ibet;
  • Amber;
  • Astarta
  • Aurora;
  • Alva.

Among the names on “B”, Bernie and Betta attract the attention of “B”; Vesta, Venus and Vella, on “G” – Greta and Gemma.


  • Jesse
  • Danara
  • Delta;
  • Dolly;
  • Dina;
  • Doxy.

There are beautiful nicknames for the Central Asian Shepherd on “Z” – Zeta and Zara, as well as on “I” – Irma and Irida.

On the “K”:

  • Cassie
  • Kerry
  • Kim
  • Cleo
  • Kira.

On the “L”:

  • Lei;
  • Laura;
  • Lyme
  • Lika.

On the “M”:

  • Mary;
  • Miley
  • Peace;
  • Mona

For Alabai girls, the names Nancy, Ollie, Petty, Paris and Ricci.

On the “C”:

  • Stella;
  • Sparta;
  • Selly;
  • Salma.

On the “T”:

  • Triad;
  • Teira
  • Tory.

On the “U”:

  • Crazy
  • Ursula
  • Una.

The dog can be called Fiona, Chloe or Helga. There are also beautiful the names on “Sh” are Charlotte, Shelley and Shera. Central Asian Shepherd Dog The nicknames Emmy, Alice, Juno, Yuvi and Yara will do.

Video: The most popular nicknames for dogs of large breeds

When choosing a nickname for a Central Asian shepherd, rely on her appearance, behavior and intuition. And remember that from the chosen name, as well as people, directly depends on fate your pet.

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