We will save our dog from the heat: as ourselves make a cooling mat for your pet

Due to overheating of the body in dogs, hyperthermia begins. This pathology is characterized by a disorder of the central nervous system and impaired function of the heart, kidneys, liver. Thermal shock pets with a rich coat are primarily affected but in fact dogs of any breed can overheat. To the owners it is necessary in hot weather to protect the animal from excessive increase in body temperature – for example, lay a cooling dog a rug, which, incidentally, is easy to do with your own hands.

What is a cooling mat for dogs

The normal body temperature of dogs is 37.5–39.0 ° C. If if the indicator exceeds 40.5 ° C, this will seriously affect the work internal organs of the pet (the heart is primarily affected, kidneys, brain). Hyperthermia can happen due to overheating in the sun or in a locked car.

The dog is hot

Lethargy, lack of appetite, panting with wheezing, vomiting, increased salivation are symptoms of a dog overheating

To prevent dogs from having hyperthermia, in the heat they can be laid special mat with cooling effect. The principle of operation is based on that such bedding keeps cold for a long time and slowly heated by ambient air or body heat of the dog.

In stores, ready-made products are sold. For example:

  • PET COOL MAT. It is a rubberized mattress with one sides and having a soft fabric base on the other. Inside is liquid refrigerant. If the product simply lies in a room or on the street, it will be 5-7 degrees cooler than the surrounding air. If first place the PET COOL MAT for 10 minutes in the refrigerator, then it then within 2-3 hours it will be colder by 8-12 градусов.PET COOL MAT

    Коврик PET COOL MAT держит прохладу несколько часов

  • Osso is a thin rug that folds easily. Its comfortable to take with you on the road. Doesn’t have any helium impregnation, acts only due to the fabric with low thermal conductivity (i.e. heats up slowly). The mat must first be kept in the refrigerator (20-30 minutes), after which it will be cool for a couple more часов.Osso rug

    Коврики Osso шьют из ткани с эффектом ССТ (COOL COMFORTTECHNOLOGY), which keeps the cold up to 2 hours

  • Swamp Cooler is a complete range of products for dogs with cooling effect. This includes not only rugs, but also blankets (vests). The action is based on special layer effects. Fabric outer layer Wicking reflects heat (it is smooth and slightly cool to the touch). Absorbent middle layer absorbs quickly and holds for a long time cold water that needs to be wetted before использованием.Swamp Cooler Rug

    Чтобы активировать коврик, надо хорошо смочить его холоднойwith water, squeeze a little and lay in front of the dog (cooling effect lasts 3-4 hours)

There are cooling mats from 900 to 2500 p. If you don’t want to to spend money or in the store of your city such products do not sold, then you can make a couch yourself.

How to make a cooling mat yourself

It’s easy to make a simple cooling mat with your own hands, which can then be placed on the floor in the house, booth, inside carry, car or take with you to a picnic or beach. Easier just make such a couch according to this instruction:

  1. Measure your dog while lying down (add at least than 10 cm in width and length).
  2. Take dense smooth material (in the composition should be maximum percentage of polyester). Cut two rectangles by measured early sizes.
  3. Cut the rectangle of any foil insulating material (an ordinary culinary foil or foilizolon is suitable) – it will be the layer of the mat that keeps the cool.
  4. Sew pieces of fabric on both sides, place inside layer, flatten it and connect the remaining two edges tissue.

The cooling mat is ready. Before using it you need a little hold in the refrigerator (but not in the freezer). Litter will be maximum cool for about 2-3 hours, after which it can be re-cool. Since there is foil inside, then Do not wash or iron the product. To bring the litter it will have to be torn in order from one end, to remove the layer, and after putting things in order to put back and sew again (for convenience, you can not stitch one edge, but make a zipper on it, buttons, Velcro).

Bulldog en rug

Homemade cooling mat for dogs will cost 4-5 times cheaper than buying a finished product

Spending time on the cooling mat helps the animal cope with intense heat. This is very important as overheating threatens the life of the animal. Cool litter can be used at home or take with you on the road (lay the pet in the car, on grass or sand during a picnic, etc.).

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