Volgograd rescued from the death of a wolf cub

Farmers from Kharabalinsky district found a wolf den with six wolf cubs. They invited Ivan Lebedev to save at least one, since they still planned to kill everyone. One wolf cub got Ivan, and the second to his friend.

Ivan settled his Gray – so he called the wolf puppy – in his studio apartment with two other dogs.

According to the man, the wolf does not show any aggression either to dogs, or passers-by. The predator is not even three years old. Bye Gray young, he will not dominate, but everything can change through some years.

“The dogs run up to Gray and bite him in the face or lips. But the wolf is still young, therefore does not try to react in any way “, – explains Ivan Lebedev.

Ivan Lebedev who tamed the steppe wolf

TV Star

The man also added that his pet is constantly required walks at least five hours a day. And sometimes this time Gray is not enough. Passers-by are sure that with a man on a leash there is a certain a mixture of dogwolves, so don’t get scared and don’t run away. Yes and Gray, like well-mannered four-legged friend, keeps his distance and is not close approaching strangers.

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