Unusual visitors: penguins have chosen sushi bar

New Zealand sushi bar attracted not only lovers of Japanese cuisine, but also penguins. Uninvited guests were expelled with the police.

The owners of a restaurant in Wellington, hearing a noise from the kitchen, they suspected the penetration of robbers and called the police. However the cause of concern was a guest from the wild – a penguin. The police returned him to his natural habitat, but it turned out that the bird liked the bar. Penguin returned there on the next day, and even with a friend. Law Enforcers summoned repeatedly, and meanwhile the birds calmly walked around the restaurant. When the police arrived, uninvited guests hid, not wanting leave the institution. Perhaps the penguins just wanted to eat. In parting, they at least fed them fish. managed to take to the sea. Sushi bar workers made a house for them, so that penguins live there, rather than go to bars.

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