Unpleasant neighborhood: in the Perm five-story building snakes settled

Unusual neighbors appeared in the inhabitants of one of the houses on the street Virgin in Perm. In early September, they noticed a snake, and now she also had offspring.

The reptile settled in the basement, from where it crawled periodically out. She was noticed more than once at the porches. The other day a resident of the house I saw three more small snakes. Apparently, the inhabitant of the basement cubs appeared.

snake at home

The type of snake has not yet been determined, but it is known that it value – more than a meter

Some terrified city dwellers living in an unfortunate place, ready to sell apartments, just to get rid of such a neighborhood. Parents are afraid to let their children out into the yard, as they may meet reptiles. Previously, residents of the house already called rescuers, but they did not find a snake in the basement – probably she hid, sensing the threat of eviction.

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