Two dachshunds saved their little mistress from poisonous snake: video

Surveillance camera in the courtyard of the house where he lives Filipino Jaime Selim accidentally recorded an amazing scene. Two the owner’s dachshunds engaged in a deadly battle with the cobra and won, paying too high a price for this.

On that day, Selim and his wife left on business, and their one-year-old daughter Sky stayed home with the nanny. The yard was guarded by two small dogs: Moxie’s white dachshund and her girlfriend are black and tan Miley. Nothing like said, did not portend trouble.

The camera impartially captures, as in the courtyard, bombarded bright children’s toys, a big black snake crawls in and rushes towards the house. The snake breakthrough did not stay unnoticed: Moxy bravely attacked a dangerous guest. literally after a few seconds, the second dachshund joined her.

Dogs and the Snake

The terrible battle lasted a little over two minutes. Dogs, not sparing their own lives, they tormented the snake and managed to kill it. The little mistress was saved. When the nanny went out into the yard on dog barking, it was all over.

The snake turned out to be a royal cobra – it is considered one of the most poisonous in the world and quite common in the Philippines. In the heat Cobra managed to bite Miley and hook Moxie. The first the dog could not be saved, and the second lost her sight. Shocked the owner says that he owes it to his dogs only Miley can’t be returned.

Video in a matter of days gained almost one and a half million views and a lot of comments – look at it and you.

Video: a duel of brave dogs with a cobra

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