Turtle traveler stopped at Moscow Customs

A turtle named Motya accidentally ended up on the territory Moscow customs, which caused a sensation.

An unusual case has occurred in Russia. To the territory of Moscow customs unknown accidentally wandered turtle.

The reptile was accidentally spotted in one of the buildings on the ground floor. Where she came from there is still a mystery.

Central Asian tortoise

Central Asian turtles grow throughout their of life

Moscow Customs invited a veterinarian to let her examined. It turned out to be a Central Asian long-lived turtle, about 50 years old. On the shell found scratches, and it says that the turtle had to go through a lot.

The participants in the event decided to name the turtle Motya, in honor of abbreviations of Moscow customs. Now she lives in comfort conditions and does not need anything.

Let’s wish this cute turtle a long life and more never get lost!

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