To chickens to visit

According to, July 7 in the zoo of Sakhalin will be held excursion with an indicative feeding of poultry – chicken, peacocks, turkeys, pheasants.

The time of the indicative feedings in the zoo differs from the usual contemplation of animals in aviaries. Poultry also have their own schedule of the day – eating, time of activity and rest, procedures, related to animal care.

Visitors feed the birds of the Sakhalin Zoo

Exemplary feedings at the zoo do in order to better introduce people to the world of birds and teach to feed birds special feed

Visitors to the zoo can not always guess the time of viewing and it may turn out that for all the time spent in the aviary, children and adults will see a sleeping peacock and one chicken standing to them not before.

Therefore, the Sakhalin Zoo decided to hold a demonstration views with the ability to feed domestic and decorative birds. At this time, zoo employees work with visitors and animals – one or two. For example, one feeds animals, and the other in this time tells visitors about the biological features of one or another bird. And then they give people the opportunity to go into the pen and feed a pheasant or turkey with specially prepared food.

Bring your feed to the zoo and, especially, your food and give her chickens and pheasants are strictly forbidden. In birds composed your diet!

Exemplary feeding of birds in the Sakhalin Zoo will be held 7 July (Saturday) at 15.00. Location – lake near the aviary with watery.

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