Tired teddy bears sleep: in the Moscow Zoo clubfoot hibernated

It’s time for the clubfoot inhabitants of the Moscow menagerie plunge into a winter dream. Information about this appeared on official site of the zoo.

Zoo workers said they had to to transfer bears to enhanced nutrition. For this representatives the zoo fed the bears exclusively with fish, nuts and honey. However a few weeks before the expected hibernation date put clubfoot on a strict diet.

According to the director of the Moscow menagerie Svetlana Akulova, such measures to gradually reduce food intake will allow body cleanse in time. Therefore, the last seven days bears ate only apples and pears.

Zoo employees should pay special attention arrangement of lairs. A week before hibernation they brought soft sheaves straw from which two Himalayan bears and their brown fellow made themselves sleeping places.

Bears fell into a dream on November 23. They feel normal, although two days before bedtime were less active than usually.

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