Thought the dog: rescuers caught silver fox, and then let go

In Podolsk near Moscow, at the local stadium “Trud”, rescuers they caught a black witty animal, which was initially mistaken for a lost dog of a rare breed, and a closer look at the manual silver fox fox.

Most likely, the fox really was someone’s home pet, because in the fauna of the Moscow region this species is not listed. The animal behaved loyally towards people: drank milk and eagerly ate dog food, even responded to the nickname Fox. But that and the matter grinded its teeth, not allowing excessive familiarity.

Silver fox at rescuers

Rescuers spent an hour catching a fox, and then thought: what to do next? Collar, stigma, no tokens or other identifying marks were found. They tried to look for the owner through social networks – to no avail. Tried to employ a runaway in a circus or identify with a local veterinarian – enthusiasm is not met. Then a strong-willed decision was made release the cub into the forest: the fox, apparently, is smart, will survive. And so they did.

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