They decide for themselves: the embryos of turtles choose sex, being in the egg

Embryos of turtles can choose their own gender. it revealed as a result of joint research by scientists from China and Australia

It is a Chinese three-keel tortoise. Her embryos moving in the egg to colder or warmer areas can change floor. The sex of the embryo is determined by hormones, generated in the development process. Most cold-blooded animals, including turtles, the synthesis of these hormones depends on ambient temperature. In colder conditions, more appears. males, and in warm – females.

Chinese three-keel turtle

Chinese three-keel turtle is an endangered species

Global warming, therefore, could cause a skew in side of females, which jeopardizes the existence of some species. But judging by the results of studies, embryos, independently moving in the egg, they can find a site with average temperature, about 29 C0. In this zone with equal chances can appear both males and females.

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