The young elephant lives with a prosthesis for three years Feet

An elephant named Fa Jem lives in Thailand. Three years ago when she was a very young elephant, misfortune happened: an animal hit the trap that crippled the Fa Jem leg.

Already more than ten years ago in Thailand learned to make a prosthesis for elephants, which saved the lives of many injured animals. F Jam also underwent several complex operations and is already fully adapted to the artificial foot – she feels comfortable himself with a prosthesis, moves well and lives full life.

Prosthesis at the elephant

Now the three-year-old elephant is going on the road: Fa Jam to be moving from the tropical garden where she lives to the Security Center elephants. The road is not long, the animal will lead in a transport cage more than sixteen hours, so he will accompany him along the way veterinarian.

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