The ugliest dog is dead

According to KP.RU, died July 10 in the state of Minnesota (USA) Bulldog nicknamed Ms.-Ms. According to the owner of the pet, the dog is gone quietly, in a dream, without suffering. The bulldog was nine years old.

Every year in California, an unusual contest takes place among four-legged pets from all states of America. Wins the competition that dog, which has the most unusual flaw in appearance. Other in words, this is a competition for the title of the ugliest dog. In that the unusual competition was won by the nine-year-old bulldog Zha-Zha. At dogs had a very long tongue, it did not fit in its mouth and therefore Ms. Ms. dragged him along all the time.

Ms.-Ms. was a real actress

Unusual bulldog had the longest tongue in the world, but insanely charming face

The winner of the competition and his mistress received a large cash prize and travel to New York. Dog Mistress Megan Brainard once took him from the shelter. She told reporters that just fell in love with him and all the time that he lived with her, treated him like crystal vase, giving all the best – the best food, the best toys, the best care for an unusual dog.

Ms. Ms. died in a dream at night. His mistress promised that soon he will take another unusual dog from the shelter. So act she wants to show that dogs with limited opportunities and flaws have the right to love and care in family.

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