The swan family almost froze from the cold under Omsk

An alarm was sounded by a resident of the Omsk region. Woman noticed a group of swans on a frozen pond. At first she thought that the birds frozen their paws into the pond and could not move.

Zoodefenders took measures and phoned all departments, but to help they were refused. Later, the Ministry of Natural Resources commented on this situation, explaining that birds move freely in a frozen body of water and nothing threatens them. According to their information, the site was taken under control by an inspector who monitored daily feathered.

When the behavior of the birds was published in the media, then everyone came to place, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and animal welfare. Department staff refused to go on the ice, citing its fragility. But zoodefenders drew attention to one chick with a broken wing. Then it turned out the reason why the swans lingered winter and did not fly south.

After the departure of the Ministry of Natural Resources, volunteers went to rescue. After everyone was caught, the chicks and their parents were separated. The first were sent to a recreation center for treatment, and the second to ostrich farm. But such an outcome of events did not suit zoodefenders and they took all the swans to themselves, fearing that they could be transferred to contact zoos.

All swans are in satisfactory condition, with the exception of one a chick whose wing is damaged.

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