The story of salvation and friendship of an Englishman with swan

39-year-old Briton from the coastal town of St. Ives, saved wounded swan. A man found him in the bushes near the harbor with injuries to the neck. The bird was only a day old.

Almost two months have passed since that day. Adamson took the chick to himself home and began to look after him, feeding him special food. Man called the swan Sidney. Sidney is so used to home care and care. Adamson, who slept in the same bed with his savior. A little later the swan made a new friend – a chihuahua pet Sophie.

The chick turned into a young swan, and it was time to let it go at will, to his brethren in the natural habitat. But how it turned out that Sydney could not make friends with any of the flock.

The man and the swan

Wildlife Rescue Specialist Rob Adamson became a truly close companion for the swan. Coming back into the wild, Sidney yearned for a warm home, Sophie’s girlfriend and owner care.

As a result, RSPCA members asked the man to return the bird home.

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