The six-legged labrador puppy’s name is Ru, this girl

British nurse Lauren Salmon saw a sale ad unusual puppy, felt sorry for him and bought for her son. Black Labrador’s girl was named Ru – the baby moves in leaps, like kangaroo.

A little labrador girl was born from healthy parents, she feels great herself. But Roo has a rare genetic mutation – her forelegs are doubled, that is, the girl has not four, but six limbs.

Six-legged Labrador Roux

A cheerful and active puppy due to its pathology cannot to move fully. Lauren really wants to help to a pet, she already connected veterinarians and local craftsmen to solving the problem – maybe you can do some adaptation to make it easier for Roux to walk.

A woman knows how it feels to be different from everyone: her 15-year-old son Luke has long suffered from psoriasis and ridicule peers. Now the teenager got a real friend, he Responsibly takes care of his puppy.

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