The rodent was pulled out of the pipe with mini stairs

In the county of Somerset, the British rescuers went to call about a hamster that has fallen into the drainpipe. Specialists have shown savvy and built a compact staircase along which he could go upstairs.

A friend asked his friend to look after the hamster. Releasing animal from the cage, the guy lost sight of him, and a nimble rodent fell into a drainpipe. It turned out to be vertical a length of a meter and a width of four centimeters.

With a hamster, everything is in order, since almost a week a young man fed him, poking food into the pipe. The guy tried his own pull out the animal with a rope and improvised means, but he didn’t succeed. The British had no choice but to call the animal rescue service a week later.

Rescuers arrived have constructed a mini-ladder from wire and lowered it into the pipe. The hamster realized that it came for him and climbed up. It took a rodent rescue operation half a day.

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