The rider died on the hunt, falling from horses

Scandalous incident with a 57-year-old rider and animal rights activist occurred last year in East Sussex (England). Woman, sitting on a horse, whipped a man who tried prevent her from hunting.

All zoodefenders ganged up against Jane Miller when the video with her hit the Internet. In a two-minute video, a woman beats a whip to a man when he restrained his horse by the reins so that the woman stopped the hunt.

Jane got it angry, and she beat the man with all her strength with a whip. With the cries of “Let my horse go,” the rider has done order seventeen hits. For this act the woman was threatened with prison term.

But fate decreed otherwise – punishment ensued immediately. Still going hunting, an ardent horsewoman dies, falling from a horse. For livestock advocates, this event became a kind of prescribed karma.

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