The red cat made the owners millionaires

Andrew and Paula Hancock win over $ 1 million lottery from the old british city of Mansfield. Head of family believes that he hit the jackpot thanks to his favorite – red a cat with a funny name Shortcake.

Judging by the photos, everyone in the Hancock family has excellent appetite, and fatty Shortcake is no exception. When once in the evening it turned out that the cat suddenly ran out of food, Andrew Hancock was not too lazy and went to the supermarket – to get food for the pet.

As often happens in such magical stories, a lucky ticket the man acquired by accident: the cashier persuaded to take on change. Returning home, the man fed his saffron mushroom tasty dinner, and forgot about the ticket for a while.

Hancock spouses with a cat

Needless to say, what a pleasant surprise was a huge win for spouses. They have not yet decided finally what they will spend money: probably, for a start they will go on a trip, and then will acquire a new home and car. And for Shortkey now only gourmet food is guaranteed for life.

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