The raccoon was saved, but he was not satisfied: Photo

Capital rescuers got a raccoon because of a window air conditioner. How the animal ended up in the city is unknown.

The incident happened in Moscow, on Amurskaya Street. Local residents called the rescue service because he was sitting on the roadway raccoon. When experts arrived at the site, they were met by vigilant passers-by and two policemen. But the animal managed to leave the road. is he climbed onto the window grill of a nearby house, obviously not wanting to be in the hands of rescuers.

raccoon on the window

It’s dangerous to leave a wild animal on the streets of the city – they are a threat, e.g. cars

In the end, the raccoon hid behind the air conditioner, which is even more complicated the operation to free the animal. Rubber helped police stick – pussies with its help distracted, and rescuers, seizing the moment, threw a special loop on the raccoon and pulled out. As a result, the animal was transferred to an employee of the Department nature user.

raccoon rescue

The raccoon rested to the last and was unhappy that it removed from the window

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