The puppy got out of a stone trap in Noyabrsk

Rescue Operation Held in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug by rescuing a stuck puppy from a concrete trap. About it informed the channel “360”.

Without the help of rescuers and caring people, the poor would not have get out.

The plaintive groans of the animal were heard by a woman passing by. BUT a few hours later rescuers arrived to help the poor fellow special equipment, including a truck crane.

A stuck puppy between concrete slabs is waiting for help


They faced an impossible task – to remove one of the plates and raise another. Such manipulations scared the puppy even more – and he huddled away into the gap. But the team was not at a loss and managed reach for a stuck dog.

According to one of the Yamalspas rescuers, it’s a duty for them and Work. Even the salvation of a tiny creature is also salvation of life.

Rescuing a puppy from a concrete trap


Now the puppy is overexposed and is waiting for new owners. it turned out to be a young girl. The volunteers gave her the nickname Lucky that means happy. We hope she’s lucky.

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