The policeman saved a touching scared puppy and took it to himself

Hurricane Dorian has become the most devastating natural disaster this year in the United States, he caused a lot of grief to both people and animals.

Josh Tolliver, deputy sheriff, walked around entrusted to his concerns territory and noticed a broken, thrown by a hurricane into a ditch car. There were no people in the car, but there was a living creature that really needed help: hid under the seat little spotted puppy, very scared.

Frightened puppy

The policeman tenderly pressed the crumb to himself, reassured him and carried to a shelter, and then returned to work. But until the end of the shift helpless baby did not go out of Josh’s head; free the guy went to see her. The vet said the puppy physically not injured and is gradually recovering, but his, to Unfortunately, no one is looking.

For some time the dog was not given to the “adoptive parent”: suddenly nevertheless, the owner will appear. But finally, a small miracle settled in the house of Josh, he called the girl Dorian.

Police officer with a dog

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