The owners of the contact zoo disappeared, leaving animals

Zoodefenders sound the alarm. In the city of Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region) the whole zoo was thrown out as unnecessary – animals need new owners or at least overexposure.

He worked at the city central department store of Severodvinsk some time contact zoo: raccoons, chinchillas, monkey, boa and a variety of birds – a small set for pumping money. how the lease has just expired, the owners of this zoo corner decided that they it will be cheaper to get rid of pets than to mess with them farther.

A positive picture of trendy contact zoos now has unsightly flip side. Their owners shamelessly save on keeping animals, catastrophically shortening their life. In the same case hand pets were literally thrown out to arbitrariness fate when they earned the planned amount for people.

The monkey in the cage

The leadership of the shopping center appealed to the local animal welfare for help, because I had neither experience nor opportunities for to look after exotic animals. Zoo owners at Contact do not go out.

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