The owners doomed the crumb to agonizing death

The little dog miraculously stayed alive, she had to die from thirst and hunger. So the most dear to her people determined her fate – the owners.

This story happened in California (USA). The family moved out with rented apartment and left the keys to the manager, who only through week got out to inspect the home. Already approaching the door, he heard behind her weak moans and wheezing, and in the bathroom I found terrifying a picture.

A tiny, barely lively dog ​​was tied to a pipe under the sink. Trying to free himself from twisted belts and ropes, he only got confused even more and now either sat or hung in unnatural posture. Nearby was a bowl with a handful of corn flakes, to which the animal could no longer reach, there was no water. This is all that the “owners” left goodbye to their pet.

Dog under the sink

Kate’s Rescue volunteers came to the rescue for Animals and immediately delivered the unfortunate animal to the veterinarian. The dog was severely depleted and dehydrated, and showed up on the neck chronic suppurating wound – judging by it, the dog was kept on a leash constantly. The wound had to be operated on.

Autumn was called Salvation – it really looks like a little yellow leaflet. Despite everything that happened to her, it’s very friendly and affectionate dog, she continues to believe to people.

Saved Dog

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