The owner of the cat went to heal, and about him forgot

A resident of Ivanovo went to a sanatorium for a week, and her cat locked at home. This was reported by Ivanovo News.

Residents of the house on Revolutionary Street heard the cat screaming for the doors of one of the neighbors. Nobody opened the doors, but stuck the animal did not stop to meow. Last time the landlady of the apartment seen on October 13th.

It was decided to call the police. But law enforcement refused to come on call due to lack of grounds for hacking the door. Then the residents of the entrance decided to help on their own poor fellow. They stuck the pipe through the keyhole and watered thus the cat’s milk.

A neighbor of the ill-fated apartment showed up only on the 23rd. how it turned out she had gone to treat her health in a sanatorium.

Did she comment on the situation with her pet, not reported.

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