The owner of the cat-meme has a new pet

The famous cat-meme found a successor. YouTube host star “NONONONO Cat” has a new pet.

Recall that Andrew took a small kitten in 2002 for his son on a ten year birthday. Mustachioed decided to name Marquis. The animal grew very peaceful, loving home comfort.

Once, a friend came to Andrei and his family with his daughter. Kotu was two years old at that time. Seeing a four year old girl The Marquis began to scream in a non-cat language something that resembled no no no (“no, no, no”).

The owner of the animal managed to film the cries of his pet in the video, but posted to the network only in 2011. We watched the video today more than 12 million people. And its creator earned a rather big amount.

The Marquis died this summer. Andrew at first did not dare to start a new pet. But in November, a family from Perm acquired a tiny kitten, so far without a name.

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