The owner has equipped for dogs a gym with by the pool

Aaron Franks from Pennsylvania (USA) loves his staffordshire terriers and tries to make their life better. The man himself built and equipped a sports complex for dogs on backyard of the house.

Aaron has four staffs: Cooper, Tessa, Bruno and Mia. Fighting the team lives together, but is very bored when the owner leaves for work. To provide pets a rich leisure time, the guy decided build a sports hall specially for them.

The owner with the dogs

Franks is a fan of Staffordshire Terriers

Fitness project was implemented in the backyard of the house, Aaron gave him his free time and almost all the money he earned. It turned out beautifully and functionally: a few simple shells, and in the center of the composition is a backlit pool,

While younger dogs frolic, the older couple rests on soft sunbeds and meditates, watching the flicker of the pool. However, all four love to swim.

Dogs in the gym

Now the dogs have something to do while the owner is at work

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