The multi-colored snail frightened the tourist: video

Tourist Lin Ruian walking in Changhua, Taiwan, was horrified at meeting a strange snail. She blinked in different colors and more resembled an artificial creation than an animal.

However, there is nothing wrong with the snail, although the sight and unusual. In multi-colored blinking even has its own beauty. Though the fate of the animal is unenviable – changes in appearance in amber snails causes the parasitic worm leucochloridium paradoxum. Besides Moreover, it reduces the vision of the mollusk and thus makes to strive for the light. All this leads to the fact that the snail is noticed and mistaken for caterpillar birds. So the parasite gets to the main to the owner – feathered. It is noteworthy that the snails do not die, since birds usually pinch off only colorful horns.

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