The most incredible animal rescue from the wild of nature

Not everyone is able to help the homeless or animal in distress. We have a lot to learn from these people. We have collected three stories about the amazing interaction of man and wild beast.

This summer, the whole world learned about an Englishman who plays for their wards on the piano. Paul Barton with his wife live in Thailand’s Elephant World. Couple watching over twenty eight elephants. A man for his giants every day He plays the piano, and elephants carefully listen to his parts and sometimes go to dance. Here’s how in this video: Peter Elephant playing along with Paul on a musical instrument as if they are playing four hands.

The hearts of millions conquered the Lithuanian traveler from the United States. Darius Sasnauskas witnessed the birth of two deer. When both babies were born, he noticed that one had a damaged leg. The animal could not move normally, and, as a result, lagged behind his family. Then the man took the deer under his care and put him on his feet. And after some time after growing up his mom and brother returned as a baby – and the family reunited.

Darius Sasnauskas makes attempts to return the deer to the wild


The most incredible story of salvation occurred in Florida. TO a big black bear came out to people. A service arrived in place rescue wild animals and tried to euthanize the animal. Getting your a portion of a tranquilizer, the bear got scared and ran to the ocean. Already in sleeping pills acted on the water, and the clubfoot began to sink. Biologist Adam Warwick rushed to save the drowning beast. Adam himself barely held on afloat, but still managed to drag the bear ashore.

Adam Warwick drags a 180 kg bear ashore


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