The long-awaited replenishment in the guanaco family

Three and a half weeks ago with a young female guanaco from Bolsherechensky Zoo was born a cub.

Guanaco female Marusia was brought to the zoo about six years ago. TO at that time she was ready to give offspring, however the groom was not suitable. But I found one, however, I had to bring him from Kazan. For two years, Maroussia waited while a bridegroom named Michelle reaches puberty. And now, a miracle – a baby was born guanaco.

According to Natalia Bolotova, an employee of the zoo, Marusya isn’t step does not depart from his daughter. And in the most curious young mother happy to spit. The baby herself feels good, frolics and jumps after mom.

Female guanaco with a cub

When Maroussia was in an interesting position, she was transferred to enhanced nutrition consisting of a double portion of vegetables and fruit.

The name for the new Guanaco will come up with visitors zoo as part of the competition. Only she must first completely get stronger and confidently stand on your feet.

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