The kitten is bored: he himself does not sleep, and does not give others (nice video)

A charming video was shot by a white Persian breeder cats. She just wanted to capture how well-fed they sleep. fluffy fat women – but it turned out much more interesting.

This time mom cat especially tried: she gave birth to six kittens at once! All the handsome men as the selection – snow-white, only a red muzzle, but he is good. Kittens eat well and sleep soundly – and what other interests may be in such a tender age?

Kittens are sleeping

But it can be. Kitten with a red ribbon does not fall asleep after a hearty dinner: he is bored. But do not play with whom: brothers and sisters sleep side by side. Spinning in a cozy nest and unsuccessfully trying to snooze too, the fidget began wake loungers, bite and brake: get up, I want to play!

The result was that the breeder just took the restless baby from the rest of the kittens: let the children sleep peacefully.

Video: wake up, it’s time to play!

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