The kitten did not save and he suffered

For a resident of Moscow, an attempt to remove a stuck kitten from a tree ended tragically. This was reported by the news agency “Moscow”.

Having seen a kitten on a tree, a Muscovite climbed after him, but broke and hurt my back.

The incident occurred on November 8 on Aviamotornaya Street. According to information source, a man noticed an animal on a tree and, to get it, climbed after him to the very top of the tree. But he did not calculate his strength and fell from a height of five meters.

Passers-by called an ambulance, and the victim was taken to the nearest the hospital. The doctors who operated on the patient were diagnosed with him fracture of one vertebra of the lumbar region, concussion and fracture of the lower leg.

The police are conducting a trial. Oh no wrong no actions were reported by the citizen.

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