The killer of 13 people was found and shot in Of india

About a tigress named Avni, which means “land”, in the city of Yavatma notoriety walks. For the first time a predatory cat made itself felt yet six years ago when she killed a man.

Years have passed since then, and the number of victims of the tigress has risen to thirteen. Then the Department of Forestry of Maharashtra decided to track and shoot the animal.

Tigress searched for more than two months. For her searches were involved video traps, drones, hang gliders and more than a hundred fifty people volunteers. The animal was shot on the night of Saturday November 3rd. The shot was made by the son of a famous shooter in India – Asgar Ali.

The dead tigress at the hands of the shooter Asgar Ali


The dead cat left ten-month-old cubs. This one the fact caused a wave of indignation on the part of zoodefenders. They drove collecting petitions and even appealed to the country’s Supreme Court, but their attempts to save the “killer” were unsuccessful.

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