The Italian sent to the Russian outback feeds station cats and dogs

Three times a day, in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, Alessandro comes on platform of the Kurchatov station with a large package. Right around local street kids gather: cats and dogs, they are no longer afraid this person who brings them a treat.

In Kurchatov, Kursk region, the work of a modern line is being established for the production of pasta, for which they invited the best specialists – Italians. Alessandro liked the quiet cozy town, but the man was shocked that the hungry and roaming the streets nobody needs animals.

Alessandro with a dog

Alessandro’s new acquaintances already understand a little Italian

In Italy, the business traveler left his family and his pets: two cats and two dogs with difficult destinies. Their master travels around the world and everywhere. helps homeless animals. In Kurchatov, he contacted local zoozaschitnikami, paid sterilization and grooming several homeless animals.

To one dog, whom he called Milan, Alessandro stuck to soul. This baby was clearly once home, and then turned out to be on the street. A good Italian would gladly take Milan to his home, but drawing up the necessary documents for this will take too much time. Therefore, a man is looking for new four-legged girlfriends owners in Kurchatov.

Alessandro with Mylana

After a haircut, Milan turned out to be a very cute dog

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